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root thereat leads to russia and western europe through a different route as well. can you describe, barring in mind you might want to go back to afghanistan some time, can you describe the relationship of the government of those two governers both to their narcotics economy and the counter-narcotics that were spear headed by the united states. >> i am happy to say because i am hoping to go back i don't have concrete evidence of involvement on the part of these two governers. there is rumors about profiting on their part at different points in their career as there are rumors about that for a number of other governmental officials. having said that, both of them at the time these two governors and they were very high. after halman. and one of these central kind of performance possibilities for them, one of the things they believed deliver to president karzai and the donor community was to get rid of the cultization of poppy. so there are a number of researchers who have worked on this. david mansfield is the one who wrote the most i read. >> poppy is the flower from which the opium
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1